Singing Ever Since She Can Remember

Jenifer Menedis is a professional singer, living just outside of New York City, in Connecticut. Singing jazz standards at the ago of 12 in Columbus, Ohio is how her professional career began. While in Columbus she not only came extremely close to a record deal with Warner Bros., but just after graduating high school she also recorded a home town favorite Christmas song, “There’ll Always Be a Christmas,” which continues to play on the airwaves around the holidays.

From Columbus she moved to L.A. to further her singing career. Her first job was a live show at Disneyland called Animazement. During this time she was also working and touring consistently in various bands and stage shows. This experience led to an audition and role of the North American Frida for the British/Australian super tribute band to ABBA called Bjorn Again. To this day, Jenifer continues to work with them off and on. 

While in L.A. Jenifer did extensive recording sessions, as well as some national jingle work. In 2005, she was cast as the lead Andrews Sister in the Clint Eastwood movie “Flags of our Fathers”, working directly with Lennie Niehous. 

More than just a singer and entertainer, Jenifer is a survivor. In 2005, pregnant with her second child, Jenifer was diagnosed with stage 3B breast cancer with a genetic component. She underwent chemotherapy while still pregnant, and has since been through multiple surgeries. She was on medication for over a decade that affected her voice. After this huge interruption and health scare, Jenifer is getting back to her career. Now, out to prove it’s never too late, she will highlight what she has been through, supported by her original song, “You are not alone”.    

With that, Jenifer is very excited to announce that work on her first album has begun. Alongside her musician husband, Dwayne Condon, she will be recording her favorite songs from throughout the years. This will be reminiscent of some of her favorite artists like, Eva Cassidy, and Michael Bublé. Adding her own spin, Jenifer will be playing with tempos, mixing genres, and incorporating many song ideas originally sung by male artists, and coming from the classic rock genre.